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The Dayliff DGW welding generator is a dependable, quality product specially designed for welding and generating simultaneously or separately. Particular features include:

  • Options of reliable and economical air-cooled 4 stroke OHV petrol engine (DGW 200P) or high-efficiency diesel engines (DGW200D and 300D) equipped with large size exhaust and air cleaner for low noise operations.
  • High-efficiency square core alternator providing reliable power output.
  • AC auxiliary current and DC welding current can be used simultaneously
  • Strong tubular frame for protection and ease of handling.
  • Integrated control panel with voltmeter, hour meter and welding current adjuster for operational convenience.
  • Fuseless type over current protection for AC with the breaker on the indicator
  • Engine oil level sensor for protection in case of low oil level.
  • High capacity fuel tank for extended operation.
  • Supplied complete with electrode holder and 4m cable, welding clamp and 4m cable, output plugs and separate castor wheels for movable applications

DGW200 models are appropriate for use with welding rods up to 3.2mm while DGW300 is more suited for larger rods up to 5mm depending on the welding current requirement of a given application.

The DGW welding generator is of compact design and its advanced features make it suitable for all small scale welding and power generation applications.


Model Engine Output Fuel Tank Capacity(Litres) Operating Period(Hrs) Starter Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
Engine Model Capacity(cc) Rated Power(HP) Rated(kVA) Max(kVA) L W H
DGW 200P GK420 420 10.5 4.5 5 25 8 Electric 685 520 625 107
DGW 200D LA186FA 418 7.7 12.5 6 800 525 600 130
DGW 300D LA290F 954 17 3 3.3 25 1070 578 668 195


Model Welding Performance Welding Rod Currents
No Load Voltage(V) Operation Voltage(V) Operating Current(A) Max. Arching Current(A) 2.5mmØ 3.2mmØ 4mmØ 5mmØ
DGW 200P 62-68 22-26 50-130 200 50-100 100-160    
DGW 200D 180    
DGW 300D 75 - 80 22 - 32 50 - 270 300     160-180 180-300

Alternator: Self exciting, 2 pole
Power Output: 50Hz, 240V, single phase
AC Power Output: 2 No. Plug Socket+ DC Terminal Bindings for Welding Cables
Voltage Regulator: AVR
Power Factor: 1
Speed: 3000rpm

DERATING: Given outputs are sea-level ratings. Sets should be derated at 1% for every 100m higher than 100m above sea level, and 2% for every 5°C temperature above 20°C


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