Pump Service

Dayliff recognizes that excellent service provision must be given to every customers. This ensures that at all times Dayliff pumps provide maximum uptime, increased reliability, increase output, high energy optimization and longer life time. With the pumps running properly, our customer is left to concentrate on their core business instead of spending valuable time on faulty pumps.

For excellent service provision, a number of factors have been put in place by Dayliff to give our customers timely and reliable service which can be categorized under:-


  • Availability - Dayliff has strived to ensure the much needed spares are readily available from our various outlets/distributors. The spares can be selected from our web portal. Click here to access it.
  • Quality - The spares we offer are original, high-quality and tested to give long and smooth service.
  • Service kit - Through our product expertise and application experience, we have developed the kits carefully to facilitate most common service and repair operations for your particular product. Service kit allows the customer to buy a number of spares part together thereby avoiding the need to buy these parts individually. Service kits are the fast and easy way to purchase and stock most necessary spare parts for standard Dayliff pumps, saving you a lot of time and effort in your maintenance efforts.


  • Detailed Documentation - Dayliff provide clear details of the products and instructions on the use/installation of the product thus giving you a little extra dependability and minimizing possibility of failures during use and installation of the pumps. This way we are able to achieve best results that prolong pump service life and save money.
  • Optimization - Through use of sizing tool to precisely select pumps, it ensures the right pump is selected for the right application. The sizing tool can be accessed through clicking here.
  • Warranty - We offer warranty for the Dayliff products which vary from one product to another. This guarantees the customers of after sales support.