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The Dayliff DL range of naturally aspirated engines are efficient and dependable designs suitable for a wide range of prime mover applications including pumps, generators, maize mills, chaff cutters, concrete mixers etc. Petrol and Diesel types are available as follows;

DLV: Petrol engines of 4-stroke design supplied with efficient air cleaner and low oil switch for reliable and efficient performance.

DLA: Diesel engines with direct injection combustion system for easy starting and low fuel consumption paired with a mechanical governor. Engine are supplied complete with paper type air cleaner exhaust silencer and engine mounted fuel tank. Extension shafts for attaching and coupling a pulley are also available.


Max. Power HP(kW) 6(4.4)@3600rpm 10(7.5)@3600rpm 17(13)@3600rpm
Max. Torque (Nm) 12@2700rpm 27@2500rpm 42@2500rpm
No. of Cylinders 1 1 2
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 208 418 954
Fuel Consumption 2.2@3600rpm 2.3@3600rpm 4.2@3600rpm
Starting Arrangement Recoil Recoil Electric
Fuel Tank Size (L) 3.6 5.5 7
Weights Length mm(A) 315 412 580
Width mm (B) 362 470 475
Height mm (H) 335 494 535
Weight (kg) 16 48 81

DERATING: Given outputs are sea level ratings. Sets should be derated at 1% for every 100m higher than 100m above sea level, and 2% for every 5°C temperature increase above 20°C for naturally aspirated engines.


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