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Product Overview

Product Details

The Dayliff Aurel range of high flow pool pumps are specially designed for large swimming pool applications.


  • Flanged connections and large suction side pre- filter which together with efficient hydraulic performance ensures high filtration capacity.
  • All hydraulic components are made from high strength glass reinforced corrosion resistant polypropylene for long life
  • The integral pre-filter is fitted with a transparent polycarbonate cover with secure easy release, four stud clamp arrangement and a broad base provides for a stable mounting
  • Pre-filter and pump body, pump base and cover are made of GRP reinforced polypropylene and the impeller from Noryl ensuring total resistance to corrosion and pool chemicals.
  • Pump should be provided with a remote DOL starter according to local regulations.
  • The pump shaft is AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • Enclosure: Ip55
  • Insulation Class: F
  • Speed:1450rpm

Operating Conditions
Pumped Liquid: Thin, clean non chemically aggressive liquid, without solid particles or fibres
Max. Fluid Temperature: 400C
Max. Ambient Temperature: 400C
Max. Suction: 7m (at sea level)

Pump Data 

Model Power(kW) Current(A) Inlet / Outlet (") Dimensions (mm)

H L W1 W2
AUREL 3 3 6.9 4 590 818 370 300 44.5
AUREL 4 4 8.8 4 590 838 370 300 53.4

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  • AUREL 3
  • AUREL 4
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