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Ultra Violet Purifier
A five-stage under sink water purifier for lightly silted water from municipal sources or borehole water with possible bacterial contamination. Specifications include:

  • Output 300L/hr,
  • Three-stage sediment and carbon cartridge pre-treatment
  • Mineralizing media cartridge
  • UV sterilization
  • Sink mounted output tap
  • Operating Parameters: Chlorine Level <0.2ppm, Water Temperature 4° -38° C, Inlet Pressure 1-3bar

Under Sink RO Purifier
A six-stage water treatment purifier suitable for clean water from municipal sources for under-sink installation that includes:

  • Daily outputs 200L/day and 400L/day are available
  • Three-stage sediment and carbon cartridge pre-treatment
  • Compact reverse osmosis purification using Hidrotek/Filmtec membranes
  • Ultraviolet sterilizer and carbon filter post-treatment
  • 10L steel storage tank
  • Sink mounted output tap
  • Operating Parameters: Chlorine Level<0.2ppm,TDS <250ppm, Water Temperature 5°-45° C, Inlet Water Pressure 1-3bar

Compact RO Purifier
An elegant five-stage water purifier for countertop mounting that uses reverse osmosis technology and provides totally pure water from clean municipal sources. Specification includes:

  • Output 350L/day,
  • Three-stage sediment and carbon pre-treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis purification using Hidrotek/Filmtec membranes
  • Carbon cartridge filter post-treatment
  • In-built booster pump and 10L automatic filling storage tank
  • Suitable for countertop mounting
  • Operating Parameters: Chlorine Level<0.2ppm, TDS< 250ppm, Water Temperature 5°-45°C, Inlet Pressure 1-3bar

A five-stage water treatment purifier suitable for treating water from clean municipal sources or borehole water for under sink installation that includes:

  • Output 1,800L/day,
  • Three-stage sediment & carbon cartridge pre-treatment with easy to replace cartridges and LED replacement reminder.
  • Reverse osmosis purification using Hidrotek membranes with up to 50% recovery.
  • Post Carbon stage for water conditioning.
  • Supplied complete with 24VDC diaphragm pump
  • Compact tankless design for installation within minimal space.
  • Two outlet options – RO water and pre-treated water.
  • Operating Parameters: Chlorine level <0.2ppm, TDS<250ppm, Water Temperature 5°-45° C

An integrated water dispenser that provides four-stage water purification for lightly silted municipal water and heated and cooled output. Features include:

  • Combined output 10L/hr,
  • Three-stage sediment and carbon cartridge pre-treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis purification
  • Inbuilt booster pump and storage tank
  • 550W heater to provide hot water on demand at temperature 85° -95° C at 5L/hr
  • 68W electron cooler to provide cold water at temperature 5° -10° C at 2L/hr
  • Cartridge change reminder with alarm function and user-friendly interface
  • Operating Parameters: Chlorine level<0.2ppm, TDS <800ppm, Water Temperature 5°-45° C, Water Pressure 1-5bar


A gravity feed 8 stage purifier to provide quality drinking water from municipal sources-simply pour water in at the top and enjoy pure healthy water at the outlet. Flow is approximately 30L/day and total capacity is 14L with 9L of treated water storage. The treatment process includes:-

  • Fine ceramic filter for light silt and bacteria removal.
  • 5 level multi-media cartridge for taste and odor conditioning.
  • Zeolite-based water softening.
  • Mineral module to add essential minerals to the water making it healthy and giving it a fresh taste.
  • Magnetic Water tap to enhance the absorption to nutrients and supplements in the body cells.


Multistage water filters mounted on the faucet for on-demand treatment of municipal water. TF3, 3-stage water filter with the following features;

  • Output 2.5L/min.
  • Washable ceramic filter for filtration.
  • Calcium Sulfite for further removal of residual chlorine and pH adjustment.
  • Mineralization ball for water conditioning.
  • Double outlet for filtered and non -filtered water.
  • Approx. 3month cartridge lifespan.

TF5, 5-stage hybrid water filter;

  • Output is 2L/min.
  • Sediment cartridge for removal of dust, sand, silt, algae, and rust.
  • Activated carbon for removal of odor, organic matter, and residual chlorine.
  • Calcium Sulfite for further removal of residual chlorine and pH adjustment.
  • KDF55 media for removal of heavy metal, e.g. Arsenic and removal of Fluoride. Also, inhibit bacterial activity.
  • Ultrafiltration with 0.01mic filter suitable for removal of 99% of viruses, bacteria, and cysts.

Inlet water pressure allowable 4 bar


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