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The KOHLER range of naturally aspirated four stroke diesel engines are proven and dependable designs using the latest technology to give exceptional levels of performance, economy and reliability. They are market leading products produced by one of the industry's largest manufacturers and are suitable for a wide range of prime mover applications including pumps, generators, maize mills, concrete mixers, dumpers etc.
The KOHLER range specification include a cast iron crankcase for durability, individual cylinder direct injection combustion system for easy starting and low fuel consumption, centrifugal governor and mechanical fuel lift pump. They are supplied with 12V electric start, muffler and panel board with warning indicators for high temperature and low oil pressure. Two models are available as follows:-

KD range features two-cylinder air-cooled variable speed engines with settable speed between 2000 to 3000rpm. The engines are in ECE R 24 emission compliant stage and are supplied complete with engine mounted fuel tank, PTO drive shaft, oil bath air filter and are fitted with recoil rope for an emergency start.

The KDI range is of water-cooled 3 and 4 cylinder design featuring the latest technology including four valves per cylinder and are fully compliant for fire pump applications at 3000 rpm fixed speed. They feature an advanced specification that includes energize to stop solenoid, fireproof fuel lines, customized fuel filter, and heavy-duty air cleaner and are supplied with integral radiator, fan, and fan guard with power take-off from the flywheel. The driveshaft, fuel tank, and starter battery with leads are not included and offered separately. The engines are stage IIIA emissions compliant.


Engine Type KD 477/2 KD 625/2 KD 626/3 KDI 2504M
Power Output kW (BHP) 2200rpm 10.0(13.4) 12.6(17)    
2200rpm 11.2(15.0) 14.0(18.8)    
2400rpm 12.2(16.4) 15.2(20.4)    
2600rpm 12.8(17.1) 16.0(21.5)    
2800rpm 13.2(17.7) 16.6(22.3)    
3000rpm 13.8(18.4) 17.1(22.8) 25.2(33.8) 36.9(49.5)
Fuel Consumption L/hr 2000rpm 2.7 3.3    
2200rpm 3.0 3.7    
2400rpm 3.3 4.1    
2600rpm 3.5 4.5    
2800rpm 3.6 4.9    
3000rpm 3.8 5.2 10.5 11.5
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 954 1248 1861 2482
Flanging SAE 5-6.5" SAE 4-7.5"
No of Cylinders 2 2 3 4
Fuel Tank Size (L) 7 10 x x
Cooling Medium  Air                                       Water
Engine Drive Shaft x
Dimensions & Weights Length(L) 577 633 918 1024
Width mm (W) 483 557 566 566
Height mm(H) 565 599 757 757
Weight (kgs) 78 115 252 287

Derating: Given outputs are sea-level ratings. Sets should be derated at 1% for every 100m higher than 100m above sea level and 2% for every 5°C temperature above 20°C for naturally aspirated engines.

* For fire set application


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