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Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

The Dayliff range of Auto Transfer Switches are specially designed for automatic switching of power supply between mains and generator inputs according to load requirements. They are specificied for applications with Dayliff generators fitted with DSE modules and include motorised 4-pole breakers powered by a signal from the module. Manual power change over is also provided. The units are fitted with indicator lights to show active power and connection status.

Dayliff ATS switches may also be supplied with a separate Manual bypass switch for applications where uninterrupted supply is required. The bypass switches are manually operated to allow primary power supply to be connected to the load while isolating the ATS for operational reasons.

Generator Range Model No. Breaker Rating
9-80kVA ATS125 125A
85-100kVA ATS160 160A
110-160kVA ATS250 250A
165-250kVA ATS400 400A
260-400kVA ATS630 630A

Manual Changeover Switch

A range of Manual switches changing input power from mains supply to generator. They feature 4-pole switches and are fitted with indicator lights to show connection status.

Genset Range Model No. Changeover Rating
20kVA, 3Phase MCO-32 32A
25kVA, 3Phase MCO-40 40A
40kVA, 3Phase MCO-63 63A
65kVA, 3Phase MCO-100 100A

DSE857 Module

DSE857 is a controller that allows BMS integration of generators fitted with DSE controllers. The module enables DSE controllers with USB connectivity to be converted to RS485 connection which enables communication with MODBUS RTU master within a1.2km distance

Connection to the module is via a USB cable while a RS485 port allows for connection to a Modbus master device such as a PC, Building Management System (BMS), PLC or other Modbus master device 

DSE890 Module

DSE890 is a Gateway module used for remote communication on generators fitted with compatible DSE controllers. It connects the Generator module to the DSE data server by GPRS (GSM or 3G mobile internet) and includes GPS (satellite location) functionality. GSM and GPS antennas are provided separately for installation and the system offers an ideal solution for genset maintenance, remote/periodic testing, fault analysis and genset tracking. It also offers mapping with real-time location, instrumentation and control, event log tables and system alerts with information being relayed via email or SMS and accessible to a number of authorized users through smart phone devices, tablets or laptops.

Parameters monitored varies depending on the module fitted with the key ones being Genset Parameters (Volts – Line and Phase, Amps, kW, kVA, kVAr, pf, kWh, kVAh, kVAr), Mains Parameters, Engine Status and Parameters, Digital Input and OutputStatus as well as Alarm Status

DF DC Fuel Transfer Pump

A self-priming rotary vane DC type pump specifically designed for diesel or kerosene transfer. They are particularly suited for use on generators for the transfer of fuel from bulk storage to main supply tanks. The pump features a cast iron body and composite vane impeller and is fitted with either a 12 or 24V DC brush motor with PMG stator, to suit the battery voltage of the system. The pump should only be used for intermittent service of maximum 1 hour work cycles followed by at least 30 minutes rest.

Fuel level sensors with electrical outputs are available for automatic start/stop operation. A small panel which houses the components of the fuel transfer circuit is recommended and must be used with appropriate gauge to suit fuel tank depth, sizes available being 130mm, 160mm and 210mm

Parameter Specifications
Max Flow (L/min) 70
Max Head (m) 15
Suction (m) 3
Working Voltage DC 12V or 24V
Power (kW) 0.55
Speed (rpm) 2800
Inlet / Outlet (") 1x1
Dimensions (mm) 200x160x120
Weight (kg) 3


A range of cost-effective service kits comprising Oil Filters, Fuel Filters and Air Cleaners packaged conveniently to suit scheduled service of the different engine models within the Dayliff range. Engine kit component details are available on request.


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