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Dayliff Aquastrong SMART45 is a highly innovative smart variable speed water boosting pump ideal for automatic pressurised water supply for houses, apartments, offices and other small-scale applications where reliable water supply is demanded, the variable speed technology providing constant pressure at varying water demand. Particular features include:-

  • Innovative inverter controlled variable speed technology that minimises energy consumption.
  • Optimised self-priming hydraulic design with that includes four-stage AISI304 stainless steel impellers, high-spec mechanical seal that accommodates dry-running and integral pressure and flow sensors.
  • Permanent magnet air cooled DC motor that features high efficiency with quiet (60dB) operation and inbuilt thermal overload and dry run protection.
  • Fully automatic operation with option of adjustable constant pressure settings that matches flow with demand and constant speed function that varies pressure with demand.
  • Easy to use LED control panel with display for operating mode, motor speed, operating pressure and various fault indicators.
  • Convenience features including adjustable inlet and outlet connectors for installation flexibility, inbuilt non-return valve and integral maintenance free 1L pressure tank.
  • 2-year guarantee.
  • GS certification in accordance with the EU Uniform EN and the German Industrial DIN Standards.

Dayliff Aquastrong SMART45 is an exceptionally advanced product that uses state of the art inverter technology to provide the perfect solution for a complete water supply system in all domestic and residential water supply applications.

Insulation: F
Enclosure Class: IPX5
Power: 750W, 1x240V
Max Speed: 5200rpm

Pumped Liquid: Thin, clean, chemically non-aggressive liquids without solid particles or fibres
Max. Ambient Temp: 4-55°C
Max. Liquid Temp: 80°C
Max Suction Depth: 8m

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