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Dayliff DFP sanitary pumps are of single stage centrifugal impeller specifically designed to meet the hygiene requirements of sterile operating processes. They are suitable for various applications including water supply systems, pressure boiler feeding, pure water treating systems, pharmaceutical, food and refining chemical industries. The design features optimised hydraulics for high efficiency and polished internal finishes to prevent fouling by bacteria and germs. Pump hydraulic end construction is AISI 316L stainless steel throughout with specialised mechanical seal that can handle hot pumped media.

Pumps are close coupled to reliable TEFC electric motors designed for continuous duty. Single phase motors have integral thermal protection and can be connected directly to the mains power through a 10A fuse or MCB. Three phase motors require a remote DOL starter.

Enclosure Class: F
Insulation Class:IP57

Pumped Liquid: Low viscosity fluids with a max. viscosity of 150mm²/s
Maximum Operating Pressure:10 bar
Maximum Temperature : 110º C


Model  Power  Current(A)  Voltage(V) DNA(") DNM(") Dimensions(mm) Weight
kW HP W H L D2 D1
DFP22 2.2 3 5 1X240 50 32 244 292 472 165 140 32
DFP75 7.5 10 15 3X415 65 40 300 340 535 185 150 67


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