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Pure water is an essential requirement for healthy living and there is ever increasing awareness of the dangers from contaminated supply. Treatment by Ultra Violet light is a proven and highly effective method of eliminating harmful bacteria from drinking water supplies using Ultraviolet light rays. The process has many advantages including no chemical additions to the water, negligible operating costs and security being both inherently safe and impossible to overdose. It works on the principal that UV light at a specific wavelength emit UV-C rays which are lethal to infectious micro-organisms as they destroys their ability to reproduce and thus renders them harmless. The process protects against most types of bacteria including legionella, salmonella, faecal coliform, e-coli, influenza, hepatitis and dysentery bacilli and is one of the safest and easiest ways to provide pure, sanitised drinking water.

Using this effective technology DAYLIFF Sita UV Purifiers have been carefully designed to incorporate all the benefits of the process into reliable and effective treatment packages particularly applicable for smaller commercial, institutional and domestic applications. Design UV-C dosage at the rated flows is approximately between 300J/m² – 400J/m², a rate of 300J/m² being sufficient to destroy most common forms of bacteria. Particular features include:-

  • AISI 304 stainless steel treatment chamber with an effective sleeve sealing arrangement that is simple to disassemble for sleeve cleaning and lamp maintenance.
  • High purity quartz lamp sleeve.
  • High efficiency 254nm wavelength UV mercury vapour quartz lamps.
  • Domestic AL series purifiers include an in-built controller for direct mains supply connection that features a fault/working LED indicator.
  • LCD and Rack series purifiers include a separate microprocessor controller that features an LCD display of lamp working hours, operating status and faults, countdown   hour meter, alarm indicator and relay for remote monitoring, remote on/off relay and timer.

DAYLIFF Sita UV Purifiers provide all the benefits of the UV treatment process in effective, economical treatment units that can be relied on for years of trouble free operation. Whenever there is a requirement for clean, pure water there is no other better solution than a Sita UV Purifier.

The effectiveness of UV treatment is determined by the clarity of the incoming water as suspended particles and discolouration can shield the micro organisms from the UV light. It is therefore of the greatest importance that the incoming supply is adequately pre-treated to ensure effective treatment, the following criteria being required:

Suspended Solids: <10ppm, Magnesium <0.05ppm, Iron<0.3ppm
pH: 6.5-9.5

UV lamps lose approx 6% intensity every 1000hrs operation so to maintain effective dosage lamps must be changed after a maximum of 9000hrs operation (approximately one year of continuous usage).

Max Operating Pressure: 9 Bar (AL),10 Bar (LCD, Rack)
Max Ambient Temp: 45°C
Max Water Temp: 40°C
Controller Rating: IP54


Model Max Flow Rate (l/hr) Lamp Specifications (Watts) Power Consumption (Watts) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
Controller  LxHxW UV Chamber
UV 403AL 600 1x16 16 - 394 90 ½"  
UV 405AL 1200 1x30 30 - 524 90 ¾" 1.5
UV 440LCD 3600 1x40 40 215x215x90 880 200 1" 6
UV 550LCD 6000 2x40 80 985 215 1½" 8
UV 80/2LCD 12000 2x80 160 988 214 1½" 8
UV 80/3RACK 20000 3x80 240 400x300x200 988 254 2" 12


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