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The DAYLIFF 'WP' Range of water treatment plants are the ideal solution of hygienic small scale water supplies in isolated areas where mains water is unavailable. The range has evolved over many years of development and is an extremely effective combination of the latest technology components with tried and tested production experience. Treatment provided is the conventional flocculation, sedimentation, chlorination and filtration process which is an effective solution for the removal of suspended particles and organic pollution found in the majority of surface waters in the region. Provided excessive inorganic pollution is not present, extremely high quality potable water is available. Four basic models are available, all with the following features:- 

  • High efficiency vertical flow steel plate sedimentation basin.
  • Automatic chemical dosage of Floculant & Chlorine.
  • Options of one or two quality GRUNDFOS or similar filter pumps which provide sufficient pressure for delivery to adjacent clear water tanks. The pumps are fully wired and connected with necessary controls provided.
  • Double filtration through two series connected pressure sand filters. When combined with specially graded filter media the result is especially high quality filtration.
  • Fully automatic operation - the quantity of water produced is automatically regulated by site demand.
  • Totally integrated units (skid mounted except for WP 1000 model) for simple site installation. The treatment plants are complete from the raw water inlet to the clear water outlet so all that is required for installation is a concrete plinth, piping and electrical connections.


Model  Motor H L W PL PW
WP 150 1.5 3 CM3-4 0.5HP 2600 3000 1500 4000 2500
WP 250 2.5 5.5 CM3-4 0.5HP 3200 3000 1800 4600 2800
WP 500 5 10 CM5-4 1HP 3500 4400 2400 5400 3400
WP 1000 10 20 CM10-2 2HP 3500 7000 2400 8000 3400

Sedimentation Basin: Rectangular section upward flow basins with conical base, sludge bleed and integral balance tank.
Filters: 2 No series connected DAYLIFF 'CX' GRP pressure sand filters with simple to use multiport valves and rated up to 3 Bar operating pressure.
Chemical Dosage: Dosage of Alum and Chlorine is offered as standard with other chemical options being available to suit site conditions. A pumped dosage system is provided using Dayliff SEKO chemical dosing pumps drawing from 170L GRP concentrate tanks.
Pumps: Grundfos CM type multistage horizontal centrifugal pumps with integral motors. All models are for 240V single phase power supply. Alternative equivalent models may be supplied for particular applications.

Raw water quality: Surface waters containing suspended solids and bacteria. The plants are not suitable for treatment of any dissolved solids including hardness and salinity.
Max. Water temperature: +40°C


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