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Dayliff Drip Kits are available for all crop drip irrigation applications and are supplied in basic kits for quarter-acre or 1000m2 area installations (1,500m2 for Wide spacings), the modular design being expandable to larger areas with the use of multiple kits.
Principal features are as follows:-

  • Three basic kit specifications are available for drip line installations with Close spacing (50cms), Standard spacing (100cms), and Wide spacing (300cm) depending on crop requirements
  • Kits include all components for a complete installation including HDPE start connectors and end caps for each drip line. Drip lines are supplied separately in 1000 meter rolls. Also included is the main HDPE supply pipe, a suitable screen filter, and necessary valves and fittings
  • Standard 16mm high UV resistant LDPE drip lines with integral Emitters at 20cm, 30cm or 100cm spacings. Individual Emitter output is 1.2 l/hr at 15m pressure

Most common crops are suitable for these kits including leafy vegetables, tomatoes, onions, melons, garlic and orchards with drip spacings being determined by the crop requirements, farmer preference, and the shape of the irrigated area.

Kits are supplied in convenient packaging complete with component lists and a step-by-step installation instruction guide. Unique application packages are also available with different emitter spacings and flow according to specific user requirements.
Dayliff irrigation Drip Kits are simply installed, durable and effective and provide optimal drip irrigation solutions for all crop applications.

Kit Type Irrigation Area Line Spacing Emitter Spacing Total Line Length Water Flow Suitable Crops
Close Spacing 1000m² 20cm 20cm 2000m 12m³/hr Cabbage, Kale, Onion, Garlic, Spinach,
Standard Spacing 1000m² 1000cm 30cm 1000m 4m³/hr Tomato, Melon, Capsicum, Cucumber,
Wide Spacing 1500m² 300cm 100cm 500m 3m³/hr Banana, Avocado, Citrus, Trees


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