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Dayliff Misters and Foggers are the ideal solutions for specialized irrigation applications such as seed germination, cutting propagation, sanitization, and humidity temperature control. They emit droplet sizes between 70 and 150 Micron and are suitable for both inverted and upright installations.

Flow Rate:
40 to 60 litres per hour
Nozzle Size: 0.85, 1mm
Wetting Diameter: 2 metres for a height of 1 meter above crop
Operating Pressure: 2-5Bar, recommended 3-5 bar

Applications Foggers Misters
Propagation of seeds and non-rooted seedlings ×
Propagation of rooted cuttings ×
Ideal for plants susceptible to root disease ×
Sanitizing to kill pathogens
Cooling and humidity control

Button Drippers
Dayliff Button Drippers are a drip irrigation accessory suitable for on surface applications including orchards, trees and other crops that require a larger volume of water compared to conventional drip arrangements. Spacing is adjustable according to requirements and output is up to 70 l/hr. Installation is simply by piercing the bayonet connection of the dripper into the drip line and maximum PE pipe length is determined by the available head for uniformity in water emission. The supply water should be filtered to less than 120 Micron.

Operating Pressure: 1.5-3bar
Inlet Side: ¼" inlet barbed
Outlet Side: Raised nipple

Drip Irrigation Bubbler

The Dayliff Drip Bubblers are efficient, low-pressure emitters made from heavy-duty PE with principle applications in tree groves, shrubs and potted plants and feature a filter for preventing debris clogging the nozzle. It is supplied complete with a stake that incorporates an offtake that connects to the bubbler. The bubbler can be used as a single drip sprinkler head or in a series as part of a full drip sprinkler system. The water flow adjusts from a light trickle to full flow and delivers water in the form of a fountain, small stream, or tiny umbrella within the vicinity of the bubbler.
Flow Adjustable: 0-120 lph
Operating Pressure: 1-3 bar
Inlet: 6” stake with ¼” barbed connection
Radius: 0-1.3m
Off take Diameter:10mm


The Dayliff Garden Sprinkler is a 3-arm PVC sprinkler suitable for lawns and general small-scale irrigation requirements . It provides even distribution of water and is easy to install and operate making it an ideal solution for home irrigation. Features include 360° rotary coverage, adjustable nozzle angle and the spray angle is both vertical and oblique with water following a parabolic orbit spraying uniformly and covering a large area.

Spray Radius:1 to 5m depending on water pressure
Pressure Range: 0.5 to 2.5 Bar
Size: 20x430x190 mm (LxWxH)
Connection: ¾”


Dayliff irrigation solenoid valves are durable plastic diaphragm valves used for irrigation systems control and automation. They are available in 1”, 1½” and 2” sizes and F/F BSP threaded with a 24VAC solenoid. They are made from nylon plastic with all models having a manual override in case electrical automation is not required. Operating pressure range is 1.4 bar to 10 bar. Valve boxes are also available and are used to house the solenoid valve to protect them from damage.

Connection 1"F BSP 1½"F BSP 2"F BSP
Flow Range, m³/hr 0.3-9 4-31 7-41
Pressure Loss, Bar 0.1-1.6 0.1-1.3 0.1-1.3
Valve Box 10" Diax, mm 330diax260
Valve Box 14 LxWxH mm 673x495x315

Sprinkler Accessories
Dayliff Dirrijet sprinklers are available with various accessories and also as kits including stand, flexible hose, connectors and pumps for a complete irrigation solution. Components include:-

  • Dayliff DCX2-50P Pump

Portable high pressure pump that can be used for several Dirrijet A sprinklers or one Dirrijet B35 for larger irrigation areas. Specification includes a twin impeller high pressure self priming pump powered by a 7HP petrol engine. Pump performance is approximately 15m³ /hr at 3bar.

  • Stands

Moveable stands designs sized for the various sprinklers sizes with Dirrijet A using a single upright and Dirrijet B a tripod. Stands are made from G.I piping

  • Layflat Hose Options PE/PVC

Dayliff delivery hoses are durable UV-treated hoses widely used with portable pumps for water delivery, drip and sprinkler installations, greenhouse, field crops and fruit tree water applications. Two types are available PE knitted in 2" and 3" with working pressure of 4.5bar and 5bar respectively and PVC in 2" with working pressure of 7bar. Quick couplings are available for simple site installation and operation.

Also available are a wide range of accessories including HDPE main distribution line piping, fittings, valves etc for a complete irrigation system.


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