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DAYLIFF Pumpverter drives are high specification VSD's suitable for use in residential and industrial applications. They are compact and versatile and can be installed in either motor or wall mounted configuration. The inverter varies pump motor speed with demand thus regulating pump output to a preset outlet pressure.
Particular features include:

  • Maintains constant system pressure when water demand changes by use of pressure transducers
  • Can work simultaneously with other units and control up to 6 pumps in a cascade sequence.
  • Sleep mode when there is no water consumption for increased energy savings
  • Provides complete pump protection against pump overload, low voltage, high voltage, phase failure, electronics overheating and dry running (when using float switch).
  • Enclosure class: IP54

Pumpverter range of inverters are proven and dependable designs using the latest technology to give exceptional levels of performance, economy and reliability.

Frequency: 50-60Hz
Supply Voltage Tolerances: -15% ~ +10%
Max Ambient Temperature: 40°C

Model  Power   Max Current(A)  Dimensions(mm)    Weight (Kg)
Motor (kW)  Supply Voltage (V)  Output Voltage  
PVm22  2.2 1x240  3x240 12 H W D
PVm40  4 3x415 3x415  9 216 195 154 3
PVm75 7.5 17 282 255 165 6


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