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Press Pump Controller
An in-line electronic pump controller for automatic operation of pressurised water supplies. Features include:-

  • Starts pump on pressure (fixed at 1.5 Bar) and stops on low flow
  • Dry run protection provided. Standard models require manual reset, Automatic models restart when supply returns
  • Incorporates a spring activated hydraulic accumulator to control pump cycling
  • LED power on, pump run and run dry indicators

Max Motor size: 1.1kW/1ph
Max Current: 10A
Max Operating Pressure: 10Bar
Bar Connection: 1"M
Dimensions (L/W/H): 227x130x168mm (Manual), 210x110x110 (Auto)
Protection: IP54(Auto), IP65 (Manual)

Brio Pump Controller
An in-line electronic pump controller for automatic operation that starts on pressure and stops on low flow. Features include:-

  • Inbuilt timer delays pump starting and controls pump cycling in low flow conditions eliminating the need for a separate pressure vessel
  • Dry run protection with automatic reset
  • LED power and run dry indicators
  • Built in pressure gauge

Max Motor Size: 1.5kW/1ph
Max Current: 12A
Max Operating Pressure: 10 Bar
Connection: 1" M
Max Fluid/Ambient Temp: 55°C
Protection: IP65
Dimensions (L/W/H): 190x105x96mm

Brio Top Pump Controller
A high specification in-line electronic pump controller that starts on pressure and stops on either low flow or a settable pressure. It completely replaces the traditional pressure tank/pressure switch systems whilst providing a number of additional control features. These include:-

  • Simple start and stop pressure setting with digital pressure display.
  • Dry run protection and alternative start
  • Motor over current providing protection against overload and blocked water conditions.
  • Options of master/slave configuration in twin booster set application.
  • Operating/error status indicator via LED’s and display alerts.
  • Input and output terminals for remote connection.
  • Rotor anti-blocking function used to prevent seizure of mechanical parts during prolonged periods of pump inactivity.

Max. Motor Size: 2.2kW/1ph
Connection: 1" M
Max. Stop Pressure: 10 Bar
Start Pressure Range: 0.5-8 Bar
Max. Rated Current: 16A
Protection: IP65
Max fluid / Ambient Temperature: 55°C
Dimensions (L/W/H): 225x150x115mm 

Spin Flow Switch
An in-line pump controller for automatic operation by flow sensing and suitable for boosting from header tanks. Features include:-

  • Starts pump when flow is sensed (minimum 2.4litres/min) and stops when flow ceases
  • Pump stop time adjustable between 10 to 180s
  • System is un-pressured in no flow condition so eliminating pump cycling

Max Motor Size: 1.5kW
Max Current: 12A
Max Operating Pressure: 10 Bar
Connection: 1"M
Max Water/Ambient Temp: 50°C/55°C
Protection: IP65
Dimensions (L/W/H): 142/118/112mm

Pressure Switch
Adjustable pressure switch for pressure control of pumps featuring normally closed brass alloy contacts and tear resistant cable glands

Type Pressure Range (Bar) Factory Settings (Bar) Differential (Bar) Rated Current (A)
PM/5 1-5 1.4-2.8 0.6-2.3 16
PM/12 3-12 5-7 1.5-5 16

Paddle Float Switch
Paddle type float switch with weight and 3m PVC cable. The switch is suitable for both high level and low level control according to the wiring connections.

Max Current: 8A
Max Immersion: 3m
Max Working Temp: 60°C
Protection: IP68

Bulb Float Switch
Bulb float switches are suitable for dirty and waste water applications. They are made from non corroding PVC and are supplied with 5m cable. Applications can be for high or low level control according to the wiring connections.

Max Current: 8A
Max Depth: 40m
Max Working Temp: 50°C
Protection: IP68

General Pump Control
Higher specification multi functional electronic controllers for operation and running of single and three phase submersible pumps. Salient features include: Overload protection, dry-run protection, over/under voltage protection, phase loss phase failure protection (3 phase units) and transient surge protection. The Controllers have LCD display for running status and can hold memory fo upto last five failure events.

Max. Motor Size

  • SCM2: 0.37 - 1.5kW, 1ph, 220-240V
  • SCT7: 1.1-7.5kW, 3ph, 380-415V
  • SCT15: 7.5-15kW, 3ph, 380-415V

Enclosure Class: IP22 (SCT7), IP54 (SCM2, SCT15)
Temperature: 25°C - 55°C
Protection: IP68
Derating: 1% motor output current for every 100m above 1000m altitude

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