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Product Overview

Product Details

Dayliff Smart Water Metering is an advanced metering solution consisting of connected water meters and a web platform allowing remote monitoring and control of water supply particularly for water service providers (WSPs) in commercial applications. The end-to-end solution enables digitizing of water network using wireless technologies for remote communication between water meters and a secure web platform accessible to WSPs. By providing accurate status information about a water system more frequently at a much lower cost, the solution enhances water conservation and delivers important benefits to WSPs such as enhanced revenue collection, leakage elimination, lower operational costs, and improved efficiencies.

Smart Water Meters 

High precision and reliable smart water meters are supplied with integral wireless communication interfaces such as LoRa, NB IoT, Sigfox or GPRS. Communication module selection is dependent on technical suitability and network availability. Water meters sizes available range from DN15 to DN40 for multi jet type and DN15 to DN300 for ultrasonic type. Optional integrated control valve can be supplied with meter for automatic shutoff particularly required in consumer prepay or post pay arrangements.

Water Meter Management Platform

At the heart of the system is a Software as a Service (SaaS) web platform for managing water meters, analysis, and reporting. Data sent from various meters is received, interpreted, stored and displayed on dashboards accessible via the internet.

Water pumps, pipe pressure sensors and water quality instruments in a water network can also be connected and monitored in real time. The dashboards feature key performance indicators, real time consumption analysis and reports for the water network. The web platform also includes an option to receive notifications of configured water network anomalies via email or SMS. The platform is accessible via Android and IoS mobile applications.

Optional features available include mobile payment integration for prepaid/postpay water purchase by WSP's consumers via a mobile phone app. Also, the platform has an Application Programming Interface (API) for secure connection from third party systems

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