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Kurita Water Treatment Chemicals

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Cetamine G818
Boiler water treatment for scale and corrosion prevention A highly effective multi functional all-organic product based on the unique newly developed combination of film forming amines together with dispersion and removal effect management polymer. Generally the dosage rate ranges from 15-55g/m³ of water
Ferrofos 8549
Corrosion and scale inhibitor for open cooling water systems. A liquid blend of organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors and stabilizers based on phosphonic acid, inorganic inhibitors, zinc, and copper inhibitor. It is a multipurpose cooling water treatment chemical designed to prevent corrosion of steel, copper/copper alloys, scale deposits, and sludge formation in all types of industrial cooling water systems. It is recommended for the pH range from 7.2 to 7.8.
Dosage is 45 to 60 mg/l in the recirculating cooling water. However, the dosage also depends on the operational condition of the system.
Ferrocid 8585
Biocide for cooling and process water systems. Effectively controls micro organism buildup of bacteria, fungi and algae in cooling water systems. General dosage rates range from 10-100g/m³ of water
Kurita F-5106
Biocide for cooling and process water systems. Excellent biocide in control and prevention of bacteria, algae and fungi growth in cooling water systems. It can also be used as alternate biocide for mutation resistance. General dosage rates range from 25-100g/m³ of water
Korrodex 8577
Corrosion Inhibitor for closed systems. A blended liquid product based on nitrite, poly carboxylic acid, inorganic corrosion inhibitor and copper inhibitor. A blended corrosion inhibitor for chiller water systems containing steel and copper alloys. Korrodex 8577 must not be used together with oxidising microbiocides. Lower organic biocides are considered safe. Dosage depends on total hardness and below guide may be applied. TH 0-300ppm CaCO3 1-10g/L, TH>300ppm CaCO3 15g/L
Kuriverter lk 110
Biofilm control agent for
membrane systems (RO Pretreatment)
A highly effective biofilm removal and dispersal agent in Reverse Osmosis systems. It is non-foaming easy to handle with a quick
composition in aqueous media. Dosage is dependant on operational conditions of the systems.
Kuriverter RC set (RC200, RC300 & RC400)
Rejuvenation of deteriorated RO membranes

Highly effective 3 step rejuvenation technology for oxidized reverse osmosis membranes. Capable of restoring deteriorated membranes back to design conditions (salt rejection), saving the cost of membrane replacement. Applied as a set of three chemicals.

Treatment Duration:
RC 200 and RC 300 mixture applied first - 3hour recirculation
RC 400 used after the RC200 & RC 300 mixture - 1hour recirculation
Dosage rates:
RC 200 – 330gms/L of CIP, pH of 6-8
RC 300 –550gms/L of CIP, pH of 6-8
RC 400 – 100gms/L of CIP, pH < 2.5
Temperature: 20° – 40°C
Feed pressure: >2bar

Vitec* 1141

 Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant
 An antiscalant with a high dispersing capacity for membrane systems where deposits caused by high hardness or suspended solids are likely to occur. It prevents the formation of crystals from water hardness by blocking crystal growth due to its phosphonic acid combination and the polycarbonic component. Vitec® 141 can also used for a wide range of applications concerning pH, hardness, the content of suspended solids, etc. Beyond the
stabilization limit, an amorphous precipitate is obtained which is dispersible and does not form a hard scale on the membrane
surface, so that it can be flushed out with the brine. Applicable for pH range from 7 to 10.
RoClean* 2691
Reverse Osmosis High pH
Membrane Cleaning
A liquid product for membrane cleaning based on potassium hydroxide, complexing agents, anionic and non-ionic detergents. Suitable for removal of oil, grease, ester, and inorganic deposits. RoClean® 2691 can be used for cleaning alkaline-resistant membranes. The concentration into the cleaning solution and the application temperature is dependant on the deposits to remove.
Attention should be paid to the permitted pH and temperature values.
 RoClean* 2575
 Reverse Osmosis Low pH
Membrane Cleaning
 A liquid, acidic membrane cleaner suitable for removing inorganic deposits and scaling from acid-resistant membranes.
The concentration and temperature of RoClean® 2575 is dependant on extent of scaling. Generally concentration is
between 5 and 10 g/l and the treatment temperature should be between 25°C to 50ºC.

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