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Elecro Heaters
High specification in-line heater with corrosion proof BS 316L stainless steel flow tubes and titanium heating elements for exceptional corrosion resistance. Heaters are fitted with an integral thermostat, overheating cut out and flow control switch for low flow protection. Elecro compact heaters are simple to install, need no control panels and are suitable for corrosive pool waters using salt water chlorination. They feature digital touch screen and comes with BMS integration capability. Available in 12kW 1ph/3ph and 15kW 3ph with minimum flow of 4m³/hr and maximum of 17m³/hr.

Working Temperature: 0-45°C
Cut-out Temperature: 55°C
Dimensions (LxWxH): 592x200x219mm


Solar Energy is free and certainly one of the most cost-effective ways to heat a pool with Dayliff Pool Solar panels. The Dayliff Solar panels are made of light, chemically inert and UV treated black polypropylene plastic panels. They are rigid, highly efficient and modular with individual tubes running lengthwise and work well in windy and colder areas. With efficiencies of up to 80%, each generates up to 18kWh of heating per day, effective heating being provided by one solar panel per 10m³ of pool volume.

The Solar panels are supplied complete with swivel unions and a separate hook up kit with unions, end caps, vacuum release, straps, stop valves and mounting brackets. The panels can be connected to a Solar controller which comes with temperature sensors and a connection for a booster pump to start the system automatically when the sun strikes the solar panels in the morning and switches off when the sun sets in the evening.

Panel Specifications
Size: 3mx1m Max Pressure: 2 Bar
Capacity: 13L
Area: 3m²
Weight: 20kgs (Full)/6.4kgs (Empty)
Flow: 1.8m³ /hr

Covers are effective solution to raising pool temperatures as they work by simple principle of eliminating evaporation and thus heat loss. Covers are made from specifically formulated Ultra Violet (UV)protected PVC material and the moulded air bubbles provide effective heat insulation. Covers are manufactured to the specific pool size and are available with rollers for ease of covering and removal

Standard Specification - Blue 500mic UV protected PVC cover material with a life of approximately 24 months*
Premium Specification - Black 600mic UV protected PVC cover material with a life of approximately 36 months*

* Depending on operating conditions, no guarantee given

The pool are either supplied with aluminuim or stainless steel rollers for ease of application and storage. Cover rollers are available in 6m widths though with bigger pools, double and triple rollers are custom made for multiple cover strips to ease application and rolling up. Also available are telescopic rollers with 3 expandable modules of 2.5m and 3m to make rollers of maximum lengths of up to 6.3m and 7.8m.

The greatest source of heat loss in a swimming pool is evaporation and its minimization can raise pool temperatures 2-3°C, which is simply achieved by placing an impermeable membrane on the pool surface. Heatsavr offers highly effective solution that creates a 'liquid blanket' on the water surface. It is a non-toxic, biodegradable and completely safe liquid that is totally invisible and has no detrimental effect to the water quality. Heatsavr is simply applied using the 'Ecosavr' dispenser, each one covering approx. 35m of a pool surface area for a month. The liquid is dispensed by snipping the 'fish' fin and placing it on the pool floor, the liquid being slowly released over the period.

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