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A cold swimming pool is an unused swimming pool and in most areas swimming pools are too cold to use throughout the year and therefore heating is required. A particularly effective solution is a Dayliff SP Heat Pump that utilises energy from two sources, heat from the ambient air and electric power to run a compressor in a reverse refrigeration cycle, the compression process extracting heat from the ambient air for transfer to the pool through a heat exchanger. All models are highly efficient operating at a Coefficient of Performance (COP), which is the ratio of energy output to direct energy input of up to six times for the SPS fixed output capacity units, depending on environmental conditions.

Also available is the advanced SPI inverter controlled models that feature DC inverter technology which provides variable heat outputs from 20% to 100% of capacity. These are more economical to run compared to the SPS fixed output capacity alternatives as the heat output is automatically varied according to requirements to maintain a set temperature. This results in greater efficiencies and higher COP levels of up to 16.

All models include an integral controller and durable weatherproof housing suitable for outdoor installation. For optimal performance it is recommended that a pool cover is used to reduce heat dissipated through evaporation.

Particular features include:-

  • High efficiency, low noise Mitsubishi compressor that uses environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Advanced dual coil titanium heat exchanger for long corrosion free life
  • Remote controller to set temperature up to 40C with digital system settings and fault indicators with WiFi enabled remote control
  • Built in protection for low water flow, high and low pressure and electrical overload
  • Fully automatic and simple to install on the filter return to pool pipe with minimum plumbing and electrical connections
  • All models suitable for reverse cooling configuration

The Dayliff range of SP heat pumps are robust and efficient units that are the ideal solution for cost effective swimming pool heating in a variety of conditions.


Model Heating Capacity Max Input Power(kW) Current Max(A) Voltage(V) Max Flow m³hr Pool Capacity m³ Dimensions Weight(kg)
Output, kW COP Range L W H
SPI-170 17 7.15 2.4 12 1x240 5.5 40-70 900 400 650 65
SPS-190 19 4.6 3.1 24 8 60-80 1083 448 704 85
SPS-250 25 4.2 12 3x415 10 80-120 765 691 1055 120
SPS-500 50 8.6 24 20 120-200 1416 752 1055 250

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