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Ultrasun UVT VacTube Vacuum Tube solar hot water systems are the most efficient water heating systems available. Solar energy is captured in the vacuum sealed glass void heating the water in the glass tube. The heated water rises to the top of the pipe and collects in the tank. The large surface area of the vacuum tube and high water turbulence within the internal chamber provide rapid transfer of heat to the water flowing through the tank. The sealed evacuated tubes and tri-oxide coating provide maximum solar gain even in the coldest areas and during cloudy or overcast days. System features include;

  • Individual high efficiency concentric tube and glass heating elements
  • Storage tank comprising a stainless steel inner cylinder, plastic painted insulated galvanised external casing.
  • Separate 8L cold water header tank
  • Anodised aluminum frame
  • Flat roof mounting kit
  • Supplied with 4 extra glass tubes

Due to the limited pressure capacity of vacuum tubes supply must be via the included header tank and systems must not be connected directly to the main supply.

: Hot water 200litres, Cold water 8litres
Vacuum tubes: 20pieces
Absorber Area: 3.28m2

Water Quality
: Water outside the following limits should be appropriately pre-treated, clarity: clear, TDS<600mg/l, Hardness <200mg/l CaCO3
Maximum Operating Temperature: 200°C
Maximum Operating Pressure: 0.1 Bar

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