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Product Overview

Product Details

The Dayliff Vispra inverter range are quality inverter chargers for use in small to medium sized power back-up systems in residential and office applications. The inverters feature a Digital System Processor microprocessor with controlled pure sine wave output that is especially suitable for sensitive electronic equipment like computers, DVD players, printer/scanners etc. Particular features include:-

  • Fully automatic mains/inverter changeover in less than 5 milliseconds.
  • High efficiency - consumes 40% less power compared to square-wave inverters.
  • LED display indicating operating and fault conditions.
  • Audible system fault alarm.
  • Output overload protection with auto reset.
  • Mains high/low voltage cut-out to protect equipment in the event of irregular mains power supply.

Dayliff Vispra inverters are designed for general applications in mains failure backup conditions and the combination of advanced features and exceptional value make them the ideal solution for all small scale mains failure requirements.

Technical Specifications

Model VISPRA 1000 VISPRA 2000 VISPRA 3000 VISPRA 5000
Output Power 1000VA/800W 2000VA/1600W 3000VA/2400W 5000VA/4000W
DC Input Voltage (Nominal/Range) 12VDC (10VDC-16VDC) 24VDC (20VDC-32VDC) 48VDC (40VDC-64VDC) 48VDC (40VDC-64VDC)
AC Output Voltage/Frequency (Nominal) 240VAC/50Hz
Output Waveform Pure Sinewave
Maximum Charging Current (A) 12 17.5
Audible Alarm Alarm on battery: low battery & battery over voltage.
Alarm on abnormal: Overload, Short Circuit & Over heat
Efficiency Normal Mode 80%
Transfer Time <6ms 18ms
Over Current Protection by AC Fuse
Control Panel LED
Weight (kg) 14 19 23 40
Dimensions (mm) H 228 335 385 495
W 325 175 230 285
D 160 325 382 455


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