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Chemical Description Application Regeneration Characteristics
Sand Media Inert silica sand available in variable grain sizes. Particle and sediment filtration in general swimming pool and water treatment applications. Backwash

Particle size:
Media A: (0.2 – 1.2mm)
Media B: (2 - 4mm)
Media C: (5 - 8mm)
Filtration Velocity:10-20m/hr (water treatment), 30-50m/hr (swimming pool) Density:1560gms/L
Packaging: 50Kgs (1cu ft)

Glass Media Environmentally friendly media made from recycled glass as a direct replacement to sand media. Removes up to 30% more sediments than sand saving on backwashing. Being less dense than sand, it requires 15% less material to fill an equivalent filter. Particle and sediment filtration in water treatment and swimming pool applications Backwash Particles Size
Grade 1: 0.7mm
Grade 2: 3mm
Grade 3: 6mm
Service Flow Rate: 15-25m/hr (water treatment), 30-50m/hr (swimming pool)
Packaging: 25kg
Activated Carbon High activity granular carbon manufactured from coconut shell charcoal. High microporosity optimises the adsorption of low molecular weight compounds at  low concentrations Removal of chlorine and organic chemicals, odour reduction and taste improvement for drinking water Oxidation and backwash Particle size: 8x30 mesh (0.60 – 2.36mm).
Surface volume: 1050m²/g.
Service Flow rate:3-9m/hr for organic removal, 7-15m/hr for chlorine removal, 1000mm depth, minimum bed depth 600mm.
Density: 520 gms/L.
Packaging: 25kgs.
Jacobi Aquasorb CS Activated Carbon Medium activity granular activated carbon manufactured from coconut shell. Its enhanced microporosity makes it well suited for the removal of low molecular weight organic compounds and chlorinated by products. Other features include excellent adsorption capacity, high volume activity, rapid dechlorination and low filtered water turbidity Removal of oxidising agents such as chlorine and ozone from process water, odor reduction and conditioning Oxidation and backwash. Particle size: 6x12 mesh (3.35-1.70mm)
Surface volume: 1050m²/g
Service velocity:3-9m/hr for organic removal, 1000mm depth, minimum bed depth 600mm
Density: 540g/m³
Packaging: 25Kgs
Softening Resin A strongly acidic polystyrene bead gel type resin containing suphonic acid Industrial & domestic water s often in g application with high hardness of calcium and magnesium salts. Backwash and brine rinse. Particle size: 0.66mm.
Exchange capacity: 75g CaCO3
Density: 840gms/L.
Birm A granular filter media that acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between dissolved oxygen and iron compounds producing a precipitate that is then removed by filtering. Other benefits are long material life and high removal efficiency. Iron and Manganese removal. Backwash Particle size:10x40 mesh.
Service flow rate:8-11m/hr at 1000mm bed depth.
Density: 625gms/L, pH range 6.8-9.
Packaging: 18kgs (1 cu. ft) dissolved oxygen >15% iron content.
DOW Amberlite IRA402 CI  Strongly basic anion exchange resin with cross linked polystyrene structure designed to give an optimum balance of capacity and regeneration efficiency in water treatment applications.  Removes both strong and weak acids including silica. Reagent: NaOH
Level : 60 - 150g/l
Concentration: 2-4%
Min. Contact Time : 30 minutes
Physical form: Pale yellow translucent spherical beads.
Functional group : Trimethyl ammonium
Iconic form as shipped: Chloride
Total exchange capacity:>1.20 eq/L - (CI form)
Moisture Holding Capacity: 49 to 60% (CI form)
Particle Size: < 1.6
Maximum Operating Temperature: 60°C.
Minimum Bed Depth: 700mm.
Service Flow Rate: 8-40 BV*/h.
Shipping Weight: 670g/L
DOW Amberlite IR120H  Strongly acidic gel type cation exchange resin of the sulfonated polystyrene type.  An excellent general purpose cation exchange resin that can be used for a wide variety of water deminiralisation applications (in H+ form) Reagent1: HCI Level : 50 - 150g/L
Concentration: 5-8% Min. Contact Time: 30 minutes
Level : 60 - 240g/L
Concentration: 0.7-6%
Min. Contact Time: 30 minutes
Physical form: Amber spherical beads.
Functional group: Sulfonic acid. + Ionic form as shipped: H .
Total exchange capacity:> 1.8 eq/L + (H form).
Moisture Holding Capacity: 53 to + 58% (H form)
Particle Size: < 1.8
Maximum Operating Temperature: 135°C.
Minimum Bed Depth: 700mm.
Service Flow Rate: 5 to 40 BV*/h.
Shipping Weight: 800g/L
DM165 Silica sand based catalytic water filtration media that utilizes oxidation, adsorption and filtration process to remove impurities. Due to the infused technology, DMI65 has the advantage of longer life and removes the chance of chemical leaching into the water stream as compared to other catalytic water filtration media. Removal of Iron and Manganese, Arsenic, Aluminum, other hard metals and hydrogen Sulphide Self generates providing a continuous flow of low concentration Sodium Hypochlorite is available Particle Size: 0.35 - 0.65mm
Mesh Size: 20-40
Service Flow Rate: 5-20m/hr
Packaging: 25kg
Indion RS-F Microporous ion exchange resin beads designed to selectively remove fluoride from water. Performs well, even in the presence of common anions such as chlorides and sulphates Fluoride removal Reagent:Powered PAC
Concentration: 9%
Min. Contact Time: 50min

Particle Size:0.3 to 1.2mm
Service rate: 10-15BV/h
Fluoride adsorption capacity: 1-2g/l
Minimum depth: 400mm
Maximum operating temperature: 60°C
Operating pH range: 5.5 to 8.5
Feed Water Turbidity 1-2 NTU
Feed Water Organics - nil
Feed Water Alkalinity

Everzit N Anthracite A filtration media of hard coal with the highest carbon content and fewest impurities of all coal types. It has lower specific gravity than sand and glass media allowing it to be used in dualmedia filtration as the coarse media at the top of the bed, together with finer sand or glass media at the bottom of the bed, making “deep bed filtration” possible. Dual-media filtration gives a filter bed higher retention of solids and longer running cycles. Particles and sediment filtration in general, swimming pool and water treatment. Backwash Particle Size:
Type II: (1.4-2.5) mm
Type III: (2.0-4.0) mm
Service Velocity:
10-20m/hr( Water Treatment)
30-50m/hr (Swimming pool)
Density: 1450 gms/L
Packaging: 50L

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