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DAYLIFF FLA packaged Fire Sets are specially designed to provide automatic supply to multiple hose reel or sprinkler outlets for firefighting installations. Pump sets combine parallel duty diesel and electric powered supply pumps to ensure serviceability in all conditions as well as a jockey pump to maintain system pressure. Particular features include:-

  • Individual electric motor and diesel engine powered pump sets providing standby supply in the event of electrical power failure
  • Separate automatic jockey pump to maintain system pressure and regulate main pump operation
  • Bellows type pressure switch controlled operation providing progressive jockey pump, electric pump and diesel pump starting at reducing cut-in pressures
  • Low maintenance diaphragm type pressure vessel to regulate the jockey pump cycling.
  • Integral control panel providing automatic parallel operation of the supply pumps and incorporating electrical protection panels and a DC battery charging system
  • Compact frame mounted design incorporating necessary valves and piping for simple site installation

Systems are designed to give rated output of either about 5bar or 10bar and six standard sizes are available 10,20,40,60,100 and 120m³/hr with the two pump sets operating in parallel, 50% standby output being provided in the event of electrical failure.

Fire sets EN 12845 specification certified as compliant by KEBS are also available. Performance and design is similar though some components are to high level specification as stipulated in the standard.

Dayliff FLA Fire Sets combine quality components for optimal operational efficiency with Dayliff unmatched pumping expertise and competitive pricing to provide effective, reliable and easy to install firefighting solutions.


Supply Pumps: Dayliff DE end suction bareshaft pumps featuring gland packing seal, heavy duty cast iron construction, bronze impellers and diffusers. Pump models are selected to meet the design pressure and flow rates. Detail performance curves are available on request.
Diesel Engine: Dayliff DLA air cooled or Dayliff DLY water cooled with automatic electric start. Alternative engines are available on request.
Electric Motor: TEFC squirrel cage 2-pole 2900 rpm electric motors suitably rated for the pump load.
Jockey Pump: Option of DB4-60 horizontal multistage pump or Dayliff DIN3-19 vertical multistage centrifugal pump fitted with electric motor. The pump is set to maintain system pressure at 10bar thus avoids cycling of the service pumps due to minor system leakages.
Pressure Vessel: GWS pressure vessel featuring polyproplene liner with special diaphragm and air valve design that eliminates leaks and the need for maintenance.
Piping: Suitably sized piping and fittings are provided for direct suction and delivery line connections including necessary isolating gate valves, non-return valves on the system outlet. The limit of piping is shown in the schematic drawing.
Control Panel: Electric pump control panel with star-delta starter, Jockey pump control panel with DOL starter and engine pump control panel with DC power circuit for engine and DC battery charging system. The control panels are integrally mounted as standard though can be supplied loose for remote installation if required.




Nominal Flow (m3/hr) Medium Pressure 5Bar


Medium Pressure 5Bar Piping DIA (") Weight (Kg)
Parallel Duty Single Duty Electric Pump Diesel Pump Weight (Kg) Electric Pump Diesel Pump
Pump Motor (kW) Engine Power (kW) Pump/Impeller Dia Motor (kW) Engine Power (kW)
FLA 10M 40  20  DE 32-20  7.5  DLA20D 6 420             2
FLA 20M 20 10 DE 32-20 7.5 DLA20D 8 450            
FLA 40M 40 20 DE 32-20 7.5 DLA20D 13 570 FLA 40H DE40-32H/272 30 DLY40 29 690 4
FLA 60M 60  30  DE 40-20  11  DLA20D 13 600 FLA 60H DE 40-32H/280 30 DLY60  33.6 990
KD477-2 13.5
FLA 100M 100 50 DE 50-20 15 KD625-2 17.1 665 FLA 100H DE 40-32H/310  37 1100 
DLY40  23.2 805
FLA 120M 120 60 DE 65-20 30 KD1903M 25.2 805 FLA 120H DE 50-32H/285 45 DLY80 49.6 1420 6
DLY60 33.6 900


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  • FLA 40
  • FLA 60
  • FLA 100
  • FLA 120
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