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DAYLIFF DFS Fire Hose Reel pump sets are specifically designed for the automatic operation of hose reels in commercial and industrial buildings. All systems are rated at 4Bar and various sizes are available with single or twin pump options. Systems include the following components:-

  • High performance Dayliff DB multistage horizontal stainless steel booster pumps. Grundfos CM alternatives are available on request.
  • Electronic Dayliff Drytek (one pump) and Smart Evo (twin pump) controllers that include pump protection functions. Twin pump sets are connected for parallel operation with the second pump set to operate at higher demand conditions.
  • Low maintenance GWS diaphragm type pressure tank incorporating a special diaphragm and air valve design that eliminates air leaks and the need for regular maintenance. This is especially important for fire systems that can remain unused for long periods of time.
  • Compact frame mounting incorporating all necessary accessories including reliable pressure switches for pump control and pump piping and valves for simple site installation.

For full details of component performance and specification refer to the individual Product Data Sheets.

For firefighting applications high levels of equipment performance and dependability are especially important. Dayliff DFS Fire Hose Reel sets combine carefully matched quality components that give optimal operating efficiency with high levels of reliability and competitive pricing to provide effective and dependable firefighting solutions.

DAYLIFF Fire Hose Reel Single Pump
Model Hose Reel Flow (m3/hr) Pressure (m) Pumps Power (kW) Pressure Tank Dimensions (mm) Weight (Kg)
DFS1 1 1.5 40 DB 2-50 0.68x1Ph 1x24L 850 400 820 50
DFS2 2 3 40 DB 4-60 1.45x1Ph 1x24L 850 400 820 50
DFS5 3,4&5 6 40 DB 8-50 1.7x3Ph 1x100L 1030 500 900 80
DFS8 6,7&8 12 40 DB 12-50 2.7x3Ph 1x300L 1200 650 1400 100


DAYLIFF Fire Hose Reel Twin Pump
Model Hose Reel Flow (m3/hr) Pressure (m) Pumps Power (kW) Pressure Tank Dimensions (mm) Weight (Kg)
DFS1 1 1.5 40 - - - - - - -
DFS2 2 3 40 DB 2-50 1.36X1Ph 2x24L 850 400 820 70
DFS5 3,4&5 6 40 DB 4-60 2.9X1Ph 1x100L 1200 500 900 70
DFS8 6,7&8 12 40 DB 8-50 3.4X3Ph 1X300L 1200 650 1400 100

Note: This table gives details of the standard product range available. Other systems can be specified to suit particular site requirements in terms of control features, flow and pressure.

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