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The Dayliff DWC range of heavy duty submersible pumps are designed to handle industrial and domestic waste water and sewage with a specially designed cutter impeller. They are suitable for pumping water containing a high proportion of solid particles including threads and fibres. Pump construction is cast iron semi-open impeller with Tungsten Carbide cutting edge, cast iron casing, double mechanical seal and NBR oil seal. The pumps are designed for free standing installation and are supplied complete with 10m of H07RNF cable and level switches for automatic operation.
Pumps are supplied with dry-type 2-pole motors designed for continuous duty. They are provided with integral overload protection and require a remote DOL starter.
Enclosure Class: X8      
Insulation Class: B      
Speed: 2900rpm
Pumped liquids: Thin, chemically non-aggressive liquids, containing suspended particles up to the specified size.
Max. Liquid temperature: +40°C
Max. Operating Depth: 10m
Min. Immersion Depth: 310mm
Model Power Current (A) Max. Particle Size (mm) DN ('') Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
HP kW A A1 A2 D H H1 H2 H3
DWC 10A 1 0.75 6 22 2 222 73 115 179 416 292 64 84 24
DWC 20A 2 1.5 12 403 103 250 212 541 393 115 169 34


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