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Solar pumping is now firmly established as an ideal solution for many water supply applications, AC motor pumps being widely used together with DC/AC inverters enabling hybrid PV solar/AC mains supply operation. The Dayliff DSD range of borehole pumps are established and reliable units and when combined with high specification Dayliff Sunverter controllers are efficient and cost effective applications of this technology. These are now offered as complete kits for simplified installation comprising matched fully compatible components and all necessary accessories as follows:-

  • A selection of Dayliff DSD borehole pumps specified for the required duty fitted with polycarbonate impellers and diffusers, a stainless steel pump housing and sealed liquid cooled asynchronous motors.
  • The appropriate specification and number of Dayliff Grade 1 PV solar modules with connectors for simplified installation.
  • Control unit including a Dayliff Sunverter SVB controller and a PV disconnect switch installed in a weatherproof plastic enclosure. Sunverter SVB controllers enable AC/DC operation using either PV DC solar modules or mains grid or generator AC power and provide full motor protection, soft start and MPPT capability for maximum solar insolation efficiency.
  • Accessories including 30m drop cable, 10m PV module connection cable, HDPE pipe fittings and galvanised steel wellhead with accessories. Module supports and piping are not included and are supplied extra according to installation requirements.

Full details of pump performance and specification is given in the Dayliff Product Manual and Dayliff SolarCalc App and should be referred to when selecting equipment.


Pump Duty Motor Power(kW) MP Voltage(VDC) Solar Module Outlet Size(")
DSD3/13 3m³/hr @ 65m 0.75 310-360 9x200W
DSD3/18 3m³/hr @ 90m 1.1 9x200W
DSD3/30 3m³/hr @150m 2.2 9x335W
DSD5/10 5m³/hr @ 35m 0.75 9x200W
DSD5/18 5m³/hr @ 65m 1.5 9x200W
DSD5/24 5m³/hr @ 85m 2.2 9x335W
DSD8/12 8m³/hr @ 48m 1.5 9x200W 2
DSD8/17 8m³/hr @ 70m 2.2 9x335W


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