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Dayliff Sauna Heaters

Dayliff Sauna heaters work by using electric elements to heat sauna stones. Two models are offered:-

Domestic - Suitable for small sized saunas, especially domestic applications up to a room volume of 13m³ and comes with a separate intelligent digital controller that provides various control and monitoring functions including temperature settings and a timer.
Commercial - Suitable for larger institution saunas with separate programmable digital intelligent controller and a separate Control box for timer and temperature control system. Other features includes control for integral sauna light and LED indicator lights showing operating conditions.

All saunas are offered with a range of accessories including wooden water bucket, ladle, thermometer and hygrometer.

Model Size (kW) Phase/Current(A) Room Volume (m³) Stone Capacity (kg) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
DSAUNA90 9 1-39/3-13 9-13 20 410 280 570 13
DSAUNA120 12 3-20 10-18 50 480 560 660 26
DSAUNA150 15 3-25 13-23 70 28

DAYLIFF Steam Generators

DAYLIFF steam generators are high specification units with a number of design features that provide exceptional performance. They are fitted with multiples of 3kW elements depending on size for improved reliability ensuring steam freshness and selectable manual/auto drain. A remote control panel is included that gives a digital display of temperature and timer settings with indicator lights showing various operating conditions. Remote switches are included in the controller for cabin lighting and ventilation. One controller may be used to control one or up to 3 units. A demand switch is included that is installed inside the steam room for extending steam release for 30min. Units are supplied complete with all installation accessories including a steam head and auto drain valve. Provision for auto-descaling is provided.

Water Pressure: Min 0.25Bar, Max 8Bar
Water Quality: Hardness less than 50ppm CaCo2 above which regular de-scaling is  necessary. If hardness exceeds 100ppm a water softener and a cartridge prefilter is required to ensure efficient operation on the water inlet

Model Size(kW)

Heating Elements(kW)

Phase/Current(A) Room Volume(m³) Dimensions(mm) Weight(Kg)
DSTEAM90 9 3X3 1-39/3-13 6-10 530   210  370  14 
DSTEAM120 12 4x3 3-17 8-12
DSTEAM150 15 5x3 3-22 12-17 240 460 18

Note that the optimal performance of a sauna or steam room the cubicle must be correctly sized, suitably lined insulated and adequately vented. Design parameters are given in the manufacturer's literature.

Electrical power must be supplied via an appropriately sized cable and installations must be provided with on earth leakage circuit breaker and suitably rated fuses or MCB. Units must also be properly earthed and should be installed by a qualified electrician.

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