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Dayliff Spa is a contemporary product combining therapeutic treatment and leisure. They are made from acrylic material and are of Sterling silver colour. The spas are fully equipped and are supplied complete with all accessories including; pumps, Ozone sterilization, Electric heater, cartridge filtration, massage jets of varying sizes ranging from 2 to 5 inches, bottom light and air control valves. Operation and control is effected seamlessly by the sophisticated touch screen Baboa Control system. Salient features include:

  • Water sterilisation offered through an Ozone generator with an hourly output of 200mg
  • Fitted with two pumps, fixed speed for circulation and a two speed for massage functions
  • The Spa basins are fitted with one 3W LED floor light
  • Massage function is adjustable for jet intensity
  • Automatic operation and control of temperature, lights and massage jets
  • Inline water heaters complete with controller available depending on the capacity of the tub

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