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iDAYLIFF is a high specification internet-based communication system for remote monitoring and control of all Dayliff and other Davis & Shirtliff supplied equipment and installations. It provides users with various information regarding the systems' operation and can also enable remote control options. iDAYLIFF has now been upgraded to use the latest IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure that gives improved reliability, speed and accuracy of information and is scalable, flexible, robust and customer centric.

Communication Gateway
The heart of the system is the communication gateway fitted to the equipment that monitors various selected parameters and relays the data to the iDAYLIFF Internet Cloud from where the information is disseminated to selected mobile phones and internet applications. Several gateways are available with different communication options such as 2G/3G, WiFi and Sigfox depending on user preferences and network availability. The standard option is the 2G/3G gateway which is typically fitted with an IoT SIM card and so the installation must have a mobile GSM network signal available to operate

iDAYLIFF Platform
This forms the data terminal for the entire system that facilitates device management and functionality of applications. Data sent from various gateways are received, interpreted, stored and dispatched to various channels. It also issues user generated commands to the IoT gateways to action on the monitored equipment.

Depending on system specification and fitted sensors, the iDAYLIFF user is able to see real time equipment operation status, alarms and parameter readings such as:

Status of pumps (on/off/trip) and equipment run hours.

  • Log of alarm conditions such as low water levels, power anomalies, process alarms and equipment alarms.
  • Water pipe pressures and flowrates.
  • Total water production.
  • Power and energy consumption.
  • Water quality as per installed instruments such as pH, ORP and TDS.
  • Water and chemical levels as per installed level switches and transmitters.

The user is also able to perform the following:

  • Start and stop equipment.
  • Schedule equipment operations and setup alerts to be delivered via email or SMS.
  • Report emergency conditions to iDAYLIFF Field Service Team.

Users subscribing to the complementary D&S Service Contract benefit from centralised monitoring and fast fault rectification that ensures minimum equipment down time.

A lower specification iDAYLIFF option using Sigfox IoT communication network is available though is limited to remote monitoring of essential features only and does not facilitate equipment control.

An iDAYLIFF App is available for popular mobile platforms – Android and iOS. The App receives information through automated Push Notifications to the user in real time.

A web version of iDAYLIFF that can be accessed via the internet and provides a dashboard showing graphical data of equipment status and history is available. The web portal includes a choice to receive notifications via e-mail or SMS regarding the status of the equipment as well as equipment data download options for further analysis and reporting.

Alerts are delivered on an event-based frequency via Email or SMS texts to selected users. Beyond the default settings, users can configure more alerts based on any parameter monitored exceeding desired thresholds.iDAYLIFF enables equipment operators to improve operating efficiency and monitor system non-conformities that greatly enhances the reliability of water and energy supply, the only running cost being a platform access fee. The technology is well-proven and reliable and iDAYLIFF is an invaluable tool that reduces overall system operating costs and maximises operation efficiency.

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