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The DAYLIFF DCT range of portable diesel engine pumps are of self-priming centrifugal type specially designed for pumping waste water with high silt loads with applications in construction site drainage, sewage abstraction, flood drainage etc. Pumps are fitted with open vane type impellers for enhanced solid passing performance and are also provided with an easy opening front casing for volute cleaning incase of blockage. Both models are powered by reliable and economic diesel engines.

For all pumps the body and impellers are manufactured from high grade aluminum. The DCT80D is provided with a sturdy carrying and protection frame while the DCT150D is wheel mounted

4 stroke OHV, direct injection air cooled design fitted with oil alert protection. Note that performance curves for all engines relate to the engine governor set at maximum speed to achieve maximum rated power output. To prolong engine life pumps should only be run under maximum power conditions for short periods and for extended duty the throttle setting should be reduced to approximately three-quarters power. Pump performance will then be reduced accordingly.


Model Inlet & Outlet (“) Starter Max Particle Size (mm) Engine Fuel Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
Type Capacity (cc) Max. Power (HP) Type Tank (ltr) Consumption (l/hr) L W H
DCT 80D 3 Recoil 15 LA178FP 406 6 Diesel 3.5 1.5 590 450 530 65
DCT 150D 6 Electric 40 LA290 954 20 Diesel 28 4 920 560 800 180


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  • DCT 80D
  • DCT 150D
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