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Dayliff DLY prime mover diesel engines are of 4-stroke, direct injection, water cooled design suitable for a wide range of stationary industrial and agricultural applications including water pumps, firesets and generators. All models are naturally aspirated cooled by forced water circulation and settable for fixed speeds between 1500 to 3000rpm.

Engines feature cast iron crankcases for durability with a mechanical governor and are supplied complete with integral radiator, cartridge type air, oil and fuel cleaner elements, exhaust silencer, engine mounted fuel tank and electric start with a 12V electric system. All engines are supplied with an SAE specification housing and drilled flywheel for power take off. Extension shafts are available to order.

Dayliff engines are powerful, efficient and robust assuring a long life and ease of maintenance. They are the ideal solution for all stationary diesel power requirements.

Engine Type   DLY40 DLY60 DLY80
Power Output kW (BHP) 1500rpm 14(18.8) 21(28.2) 33(44.2)
2000rpm 18(24.1) 28(37.5) 44(59)
2600rpm 24(32.2) 36(48.3) 54(72.4)
3000rpm 29(38.9) 42(56.3) 62(83.1)
Fuel Consumption (L/Hr) 1500rpm 4 6 9.6
2000rpm 5.3 8.3 13
2600rpm 7.2 10.9 16.3
3000rpm 9.1 13.2 19.5
Induction System Naturally Aspirated
No. of Cylinders 4 In-line
Cylinder Capacity (L) 1.809 2.543 3.857
Compression Ration 18  
Lube Oil Capacity (L) 6.2 8.5 9.8
Radiator Capacity (L) 7.5 8.5 8.5
Direction of Rotation Anti-clockwise viewed on flywheel
Flanging SAE 4-7.5" SAE 3-10"
Fuel Tank Size (L) 60 80
Cooling Medium Water
Dimensions & Weights Length mm(A) 732 767 867
Width mm(B) 559 595 613
Height mm(C) 632 684 722
Weight (kg) 255 340 420

Derating: Given outputs are sea level ratings. Sets should be derated at 1% for every 100m higher than 100m above sea level and 2% for every 5°C temperature above 20°C for naturally aspirated engines.


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