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Dayliff SunBarrow is an innovative accessory for small scale solar PV applications were mobility and security are important requirements. The unit includes a wheel mounted enclosure where batteries and accessories can be stored topped with a hinged platform that opens out for PV module mounting. The SunBarrow is available in two versions, a 0.6kW unit consisting of 3No. 200W Dayliff polycrystalline solar modules and a 1.0kW unit consisting of 5No 200W Dayliff polycrystalline solar modules.

SunBarrow offers the following features:-

  • Compatible with any Dayliff solar pump with a motor upto 0.75kW.
  • Can be equipped with up to 2No 200AH backup batteries and a hybrid Dayliff Optiverter for reliable AC output up to 1kW.
  • Fully mobile so panels can be temporarily sited and then moved or stored when not in use ensuring high security and giving the option of using solar systems in different locations.
  • Mainly applicable to solar pumping systems though also can be used for backup power generation needs where the units can be externally charged in the day and secured for night usage.

The mobility offered by the SunBarrow provides great flexibility for small scale PV applications. It is a simple solution to the challenges of fixed outdoor installations and greatly expands the utility and safety of PV systems. Higher spec systems are available to special order.

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