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The DAYLIFF 'WG' Water Purifier is an integrated water treatment plant specifically designed to treat the majority of surface waters including the removal of silt, suspended solids and bacteria in small-scale domestic, institutional and commercial applications. The units are simple to operate, low cost and easy to maintain and can provide consistent water quality to WHO standards. Features include:-

  • Four stage treatment process including floculation, sedimentation, filtration and chlorination providing treated water to the highest standards.
  • GRP (fibreglass) construction for strength, low maintenance and indefinite life.
  • High efficiency vertical flow type settlement basin incorporating sludge bleed.
  • Dayliff DXD sand filter for pumped applications providing efficient filtration and simple operation.
  • Automatic proportional feed chemical dosage using 'Dosatron' chemical feeders. These unique dosers use energy in the water flow as their power source providing accurate and consistent dosage regulated by plant output. Option for electric dosing pumps available.
  • In-line flow meter to adjust and monitor plant output.
  • Simple in-line installation with three adjustable legs to assist leveling.
  • Fully automatic control - the plant matches output to site demand.

With an output of up to 12,000 litres a day of averagely contaminated raw water and more for lightly polluted waters, the DAYLIFF 'WG' Purifier is suitable for settlements of up to 100 people. Using only basic water treatment chemicals (Flocculant and Chlorine), high quality treated water is available. This high level of performance combined with long life GRP construction, simple maintenance and easy installation make DAYLIFF 'WG' Purifiers the ideal solution for all small scale water treatment requirements.

Capacity: 500 l/hr or approx 12,000 litres per day at maximum output.
Raw Water Quality: Surface water containing suspended particles, silt and bacteria. The plant is not suitable for treatment of any dissolved solids, hardness or salinity.
Maximum Water Temperature: +30°C
Inlet Pressure: Minimum 0.5 Bar, Maximum 3 Bar.

Sedimentation Basin: 1,200 litres upward flow basin with conical base and sludge bleed. Retention time is 2.4hrs at the rated flow.
Filter: Gravity sand filter of 0.75m³ area containing approximately 0.25m³ filtering media for gravity installations or Dayliff DXD 300 deep bed GRP pressure sand filter with simple to use multiport valve for pumped installations.
Chemical Dosage: Dosatron D25 automatic proportional feeders with a set 2% dosage rate drawing from 100l concentrate tanks. Endurance at maximum rated flow and standard concentrations is 8hrs. Option for electric dosing pumps available.
Balance Tank: Capacity 150 litres (when fitted)
Transfer Pump
AC Mains Power Supply: Pedrollo PKm60 0.37kW 240V AC peripheral pump with maximum delivery pressure of 3 Bar.
DC Solar Power Supply: Shurflo 2088 12V DC positive displacement diaphragm pump with a maximum delivery pressure of 4.5 Bar. This option includes the fitting of a PV solar module of 70-110W output, size being dependent upon delivery pressure requirement.
Weight: 105kgs (empty), 1,800kgs (operating)


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