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Product Overview

Product Details

The DAYLIFF WL range are integrated compact water treatment plants made from lightweight, non-corrosive paneltim sheet (polypropylene) material designed to treat surface and groundwater with high levels of suspended solids, precipitates, colour, and turbidity. The clarifier features inclined lamella tubes that offer increased surface area to volume ratio to accelerate settling of suspended matter and precipitates for ease of removal through desludging. Incorporating lamella tubes technology reduces the retention time required for settling compared to conventional clarifiers thereby significantly reducing the overall footprint of the plant.

Treatment provided incorporates conventional four-stage flocculation, sedimentation, chlorination and filtration producing high quality output that meets World Health Organisation standards for turbidity and suspended solids for drinking water.

Three basic models are available with the following features: -

  • High efficiency vertical flow sedimentation basin incorporating inclined lamella tube settlers with interconnected receiving and balance tanks.
  • Chemical dosage of Flocculant and Chlorine.
  • Filtration through one high efficiency deep bed pressure media filter. When used with specially graded filtration media, the result is especially of high-quality filtration.
  • Fully automatic operation - the quantity of water produced is automatically regulated by site demand.
  • Fully integrated skid mounted units for ease of transport and simple site installation

Receiving Tank
Downward flow tank with baffles for flow equalization of incoming raw water.
Sedimentation Basin
Upward flow basin with sludge bleed, integrated lamella tubes for high efficiency settling of suspended particles and precipitates.
Balance Tank
For intermediate storage of clarified water before filtration stage.
One Dayliff CXD GRP pressure filter charged with mixed bed glass and anthracite media with simple to use multiport valve and rated up to 3bar operating pressure.
Chemical Dosage
Dosage of Alum and Chlorine is included as a standard, with other chemical options being available to suit site conditions. Dosing of Alum is achieved using Dayliff Seko AML200 dosing pump drawing from a 170L GRP chemical tank, while Chlorine dosing is achieved using an inline Klorman chlorine tablets dispenser.
Filter Pump
Pedrollo centrifugal submersible pump with integral single-phase motors. Alternative equivalent models may be supplied for specific applications.  Solar power option available on request

Raw water quality
:Surface and ground waters containing suspended solids, colour, turbidity, and bacteria. The WL plants are not suitable for treatment of any dissolved solids including hardness and salinity.The effectiveness of the purification process will vary depending on the raw water quality.

Max. water temperature: 40°C

Model Output


Filter Pump
Plant Plinth
Model (kW) H L W PL PW
WL 500 5 2.25 0.35 TOP 2 0.37 2600 2600 500 3200 1100
WL 1000 10 4.5 0.7 TOP 3 0.55 1000 1600
WL 2000 20 9 1.4 TOP 5 0.92 2000 2600


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